FAQ: What Kind Of Books Illinois Prison?

‘It’s the racial stuff’: Illinois prison banned, removed books on black history and empowerment from inmate education program

After receiving complaints, prison officials suspended the educational program and removed 200 books from the prison library, many of which had “racial” content or dealt with diversity and inclusion issues. Danville Correctional Center officials also banned the use of several classic African American history books in the program.
The Education Justice Project runs a college-in-prison program for inmates, and prison officials recently removed or denied access to more than 200 books from the program’s library. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” were among the books denied for the spring semester, according to records. Prison officials discovered rule violations related to course materials.
Officials spent months trying to get the books back into the prison for use by students after about 200 items were removed from the EJP resource room, most of which had themes around race or incarceration. An IDOC spokesperson declined to answer questions about the removal or the discrepancy between her initial statements and those of others.

What kind of books can you get in prison?

True crime and horror are usually not allowed, but there are exceptions. At the prison library where I was incarcerated, the categories available included educational/self-improvement, biographies, classics, and non-fiction. Fiction was also available, but it was very limited.

Are hardcover books allowed in prison?

Rules for Sending Books to Federal Prisons Magazines, newspaper clippings, and paperback and hardcover books can be sent to inmates in low- and minimum-security federal prisons, but they must be sent directly from the publisher or a bookstore; sending used books from your home is strictly prohibited.

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What books are banned in prison?

Both The 48 Laws of Power and Greene’s follow-up, The Art of Seduction, are banned books in Utah prisons, as the state believes they can teach inmates how to manipulate others. Reading Game of Thrones, on the other hand, is permitted.

What book is not allowed in prisons?

The authors provide true stories and anecdotes from over 80 prisoners or formerly incarcerated people about life in prison and the functions of the system in Atomic Seven, a book that has been banned in prisons in Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, and California.

Can you read all day in prison?

While every prison is different, one thing they all have in common is access to books. Inmates are not only allowed to read in prison, but they are encouraged to do so. Most state statutes also require inmates to have access to a law library where they can research various legal issues such as appeals.

What is not allowed in prison?

Drugs and drug-related items or paraphernalia are prohibited in all prisons, as are explosive substances or devices, flammable or corrosive liquids, and tobacco and tobacco smoking accessories such as pipes, lighters, and matches (as of July 1, 2015).

Do they read prisoners mail?

Most letters sent to and from prison are checked by prison staff; however, prisons are not allowed to open letters from solicitors or courts unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as if they suspect a letter is not from a legal adviser.

Can prisoners have coloring books?

State prisons have banned coloring books, Klingon dictionaries, and other books; foreign (and fictional) language dictionaries, on the other hand, can pose a security threat u201cby providing a method of communication not readily identifiable by security staff.u201d The same books may be legal in another state.

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Is 48 Laws of Power banned from prisons?

Greene’s so-called laws, according to Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, are based on isolated examples rather than solid research. The 48 Laws of Power has sold over 1.2 million copies in the United States and has been translated into 24 languages. It has been banned by several US prisons.

Are prisoners allowed to write books?

Can inmates write books in prison? Yes, inmates can write books in prison, as well as publish and profit from those books, as long as they follow the institution’s rules and the books are unrelated to the crime for which they are serving time. Writing books is actually the easy part.

Can inmates get books?

With the exception of temporary classification and diagnostic institutions, almost all institutions will allow inmates to receive books, but they must come directly from the publisher, and all books must be new and soft cover (no hardcover or spiral bound for security reasons). Always ship USPS.

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