FAQ: What Is Your Books Section?

Parts of Your Book

The half title page is the first page of your book and contains only the title; it does not include a byline or subtitle, which will be added to your book layout later in the design process by the designer.

Series Title Page

List any previously published books by title on the second page of your book; it is customary to list the books chronologically from first to most recently published. Listing the title only is standard, but you may also list the subtitle in nonfiction works.

Title Page

If you have a specific idea of how you want this to look, you may include it. iUniverse will add its logo and locations at the bottom of the page, which the designer will add to your book layout.

Copyright Page

This page may also include the book’s publishing history, permissions, acknowledgments, and disclaimers, as well as the copyright notice, which includes the year of publication and the name of the copyright owner, which is usually the author but may be an organization or corporation.

Copyright Page

This page may also list the book’s publishing history, permissions, acknowledgments, and disclaimers; the copyright notice on this page includes the copyright notice, which consists of the year of publication and the name of the copyright owner; and the copyright notice on this page includes the copyright notice, which consists of the year of publication and the name of the copyright owner.

(Table of) Contents

If your book requires a contents page, make sure it lists all of the chapters or other divisions in your manuscript. If your book requires page numbers, iUniverse will add them during the formatting stage.

List of Illustrations

If your book includes illustrations that provide information or enhance the text in some way, consider creating a page that lists them. You won’t need to list the page numbers, and a page listing may not be necessary if this material is simply for comic relief or as a visual aid.

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List of Tables

Consider creating a page listing if your book includes key tables that provide information or enhance the text; unlike the table of contents, you won’t need to list the page numbers, and a page listing may not be necessary if this material is included solely as a visual aid.


A foreword is a personal statement written by the author about the book that lends authority to the book and may increase its sales potential. If you plan to include a foreword, please have it written and included in your submitted manuscript.


A preface should only be used in fiction works, not nonfiction titles, to establish your qualifications and expertise as an authority in the field in which you’re writing.


If the information is lengthy, you may choose to put it in the back matter, before or after the bibliographic section. An acknowledgements page includes your notes of appreciation to people who provided support or help during the writing process or in your writing career.


Unlike a preface, which usually addresses the author’s qualifications, an introduction refers to the main text itself; for example, if there are questions at the end of each chapter, this is where you might give advice on how to best answer them.

What is the main section of a book called?

The front matter and the back matter are the two main sections of a book. As you might expect, the front matter comes before the body of work or the story, and the back matter comes after it. Not every manuscript will include all of these sections.

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What are the 8 parts of a book?

Parts of a Book That Will Help You Succeed

  • #1 u2013 Book Cover. Every book should have a great cover.
  • #2 u2013 Title Page. Your title is important for obvious reasons…
  • #3 u2013 Copyright. Your book should be copyrighted.
  • #4 u2013 Table of Contents.
  • #5 u2013 Dedication.
  • #6 u2013 Foreword.
  • #7 u2013 Prologue.
  • #8 u2013 Epilogue.

What are sections in a story?

A section is essentially a collection of scenes that make up a portion of the story, usually having a combined effect on the larger plot; it’s not a single scene idea (even if it’s an important one), but a larger chunk of story.

How long is a section in a book?

We looked at books from a variety of genres and eras to see how long a chapter should be and came up with some guidelines: a chapter’s average word count typically falls between 1,500 and 5,000 words, with 3,000u20134,000 words being the most common sweet spot.

What is first page of book called?

The first section of a book, called front matter (or preliminaries; shortened to “prelims”), is usually the shortest in terms of page count.

What are the 12 parts of a book?

The following items are included in the front matter of the book:

  • Half title, frontispiece, and title page.
  • Copyright page.
  • Dedication and acknowledgement.
  • Table of contents.

What are the 10 steps to writing a book?

Now, let’s look at the steps one by one.

  1. Find an accountability partner.
  2. Write a premise.
  3. Get feedback.
  4. Read your competition.
  5. Create an outline.
  6. Write your first chapter.
  7. Build your author website.

What are parts of a book called?

Front matter is the material at the front of a book that usually offers information about the book; the principal text is the meat of a book; and back matter is the material at the back of a book that usually offers information about the book.

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What are the 5 parts of a story structure?

A story’s plot is divided into five parts according to Freytag’s pyramid:

  • Exposition (originally known as introduction)
  • Rising action (rise)
  • Climax.
  • Falling action (return or fall)
  • Catastrophe, denouement, resolution, or revelation (also known as “rising and sinking”).

What are the 7 elements of a story?

Did you know that every successful story has seven basic elements?

  • Plot.
  • Setting.
  • Point of View.
  • Style.
  • Theme.
  • Literary Devices.
  • Literary Devices

What are the 3 elements of a story?

Good stories (even in business) have three essential elements, regardless of plot, twists, or approaches:

  • Conflict: the lesson is frequently illustrated by how the character transforms through challenge.
  • Resolution: how did the character(s) change?

What are the 5 basic elements of a short story?

Character, setting, conflict, plot, and theme are the five key elements that go into every great short story.

How many pages is 50000 words?

A manuscript of 50,000 words is approximately 165 pages long.

How many pages should a chapter have?

When it comes to chapter length, there are no rules; the important thing is to focus on making your chapters fit your story, not the other way around. Many novelists these days prefer chapters that are between 1,500 wordsu2014or six book pagesu2014and 8,000 words, or 32 book pages.

What is smaller than a chapter in a book?

A section is a subdivision, especially of a chapter, in books and documents. Sections are visually separated from one another by a section break, which is typically extra space between the sections, and sometimes also by a section heading for the latter section.

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