FAQ: What Is Second Sale Books?

SecondSale Reviews USA 2021

SecondSale may be a viable option, but is it trustworthy? Do they have a good track record? What are their online positive and negative ratings? Who are their authors and publishers? How responsive is their customer service? Because we have no direct experience with SecondSale, our responses may be inaccurate and dishonest.
SecondSale is an online platform that focuses on providing fiction and nonfiction books of various categories. What do you like best about their fiction books? Do you think their books are exciting and educational enough? Kindly leave a review or opinion for feedback to help them improve their products.
If this company scammed you, file a Complaint Referral Form with the Internet Crime Report Center here: complaint.ic3. Thriftbookshop.com sent me an empty package with no books in it. I would give it 0 stars if I could. Basically money down the drain because I didn’t even receive my order.

Is it legal to resell a book?

You (as an American) are free to sell or give away any book published in the United States without fear of violating the copyright law, which prohibits you from copying but not from reselling the copy you purchased from the publisher.

Can I trust SecondSale?

Wes Branscum does not recommend SecondSale.com. They try to deceive you by sending all of your books in one package with one tracking number, but they do not send all of your books.

How do I contact a second sale?

Please get in touch with us.

  1. Contact_mail [email protected]
  2. call 1-630-800-1491

Where does second sale ship from?

My order will be shipped from Illinois, where we are located.

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Is it illegal to buy and resell books?

It is illegal to copy a book, but it is not illegal to buy or sell a used book, regardless of the type of book. There is no copyright law prohibiting reselling or purchasing used books.

Are second hand books illegal?

A basic understanding of Copyright Law may lead us to believe that reselling books is illegal and infringes on the author or publisher’s copyright; however, this is not the case; the “First Sale Doctrine” protects reselling of books.

Is Wildman’s Books safe?

Keep safe! We’re a woman-owned online independent bookstore.

Is ThriftBooks secure?

We take your security very seriously at Thriftbooks.com, and all of our secure pages are protected by a 2048-bit secure certificate purchased from GoDaddy.com.

Are thrift books good?

ThriftBooks has a 2.57 star rating based on 192 reviews, indicating that the majority of customers are dissatisfied with their purchases. Customers who complain about ThriftBooks most frequently mention customer service, good condition, and dust jacket issues. ThriftBooks is ranked 9th among Used Books sites.

What does Second Sale mean?

: having had a previous owner. : purchasing or selling items that have already been owned or used. : not original: obtained from a third party.

What are second hand sales provide an example?

Antiques, furniture, watches, china, crystal, paintings, precious metals and gems, and goods containing precious metals and gems, for example, are all examples of previously owned goods.

What are second hand sales?

3 dealing in or selling non-new goods. 1 previously owned or used. 2 not from an original source or experience.

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Can you buy used books at Barnes and Noble store?

We have a large selection of used textbooks available for purchase directly from Barnes and Noble.com, and we also work with Marketplace sellers, all of whom have been approved by Barnes and Noble to provide the largest inventory of used textbooks on the internet, with some of our used textbooks listed at up to 70% off.

Is AbeBooks trustworthy?

AbeBooks has a 1.79 star rating based on 541 reviews, indicating that the majority of customers are dissatisfied with their purchases. Customers who complain about AbeBooks most frequently mention customer service, tracking numbers, and credit card issues. AbeBooks is ranked 14th among Used Books sites.

Is Biblio legit?

Biblio has a 2.23 star rating based on 46 reviews, indicating that the majority of customers are dissatisfied with their purchases, with customer service and tracking number issues being the most common complaints. Biblio ranks 48th among Textbooks sites.

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