FAQ: What Does Retcon Mean In Comic Books?

Urban Dictionary: retcon

Retroactive Continuity is a term that refers to later events in a story that contradict an existing chronology and plot, resulting in paradoxes or illogicicisms. It is commonly used because it sounds like “defcon,” and nothing makes an American’s dick harder than cool sounding words.

What is comic retcon?

A retcon is a term coined by comic book fans and industry insiders to describe changes to a character’s or series of events’ existing internal history.

What is an example of a retcon?

The return of Sherlock Holmes, whom writer Arthur Conan Doyle ostensibly killed off in “The Final Problem” in 1893, only to bring him back in “The Empty House” in 1903, in large part due to reader response.

What does Redconing mean?

When the form or content of a previously established narrative is changed, it is called a retcon (short for ” retroactive continuity “).

Are Retcons canon?

The term retcon, which is a portmanteau of retroactive continuity and originated in comics fandom, refers to the replacement of a previously established canon fact with a different canon fact.

How many Earths are in the DC multiverse?

“Dan DiDio explained that each universe contains 52 earths, as well as alternate dimensions, timelines, and microverses.” Many of these worlds resembled Pre-Crisis and Elseworlds universes like Kingdom Come, Red Son, and The Dark Knight Returns.

What does retcon mean in English?

The abbreviated form of retroactive continuity, retcon, first appeared in Usenet newsgroups before the end of the decade, and refers to a literary device in which the form or content of a previously established narrative is changed.

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Will Disney retcon the sequel trilogy?

For the time being, the sequel trilogy is canon and will most likely remain so; however, as we explained with the sequels being ‘deleted,’ you can always pretend that they aren’t canon and that Rian Johnson, J.J. Abrams, and the rest of the cast aren’t involved.

Are Retcons bad?

A retcon that adds to and expands on the backstory can be good or bad; a retcon that directly contradicts established continuity is inherently bad and should be avoided. I’d say that rectcons aren’t inherently bad, but when done poorly, they can be harmful.

What does it mean to go canon?

When you talk about that thing you like in a fiction-based fandom, “canon” is simply the source narrative you’re referring to. Sometimes a detail gets widely distributed and becomes a major fanon trope, which means it makes its way around fandom and becomes a well-known idea.

Is Star Wars getting Retconned?

The Star Wars sequel trilogy is reportedly getting a Disney reboot, with unused footage of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Princess General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) from the original trilogy.

What does canon mean in comics?

In the context of fiction, the canon of a fictional universe consists of genuine (or “official”) novels, stories, films, and other works, as well as events, characters, settings, and other elements that are assumed to exist without question within the fictional universe.

Does the Mandalorian retcon?

In what is known as a “retcon,” Boba Fett appears in the second season of The Mandalorian, implying that he survived the sarlacc. This version of Boba Fett is a more heroic character, helping Din fight Imperial troopers in order to reclaim his armor.

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