FAQ: What Books Is The Exorcist 3 Based On?

Book vs. Movie: Legion/The Exorcist III

Ritualistic murders are occurring in the neighborhood where a young priest was thrown down a flight of stairs, and William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, has decided to take the helm and write the screenplay.
Detective Kinderman tries to figure out how a long-dead serial killer known as the Gemini has resurfaced. The novel’s biggest flaw is its protagonist, Detective Kinderman. Any horror is overshadowed by the elderly gumshoe’s endless musings. The film is more plot driven, but just as much of a mess as the book.

Is The Exorcist 3 Based on a true story?

The Exorcist III is a psychological horror film directed and written by William Peter Blatty, based on the real-life Zodiac Killer, one of several serial killers who enjoyed the first Exorcist.

Who wrote Exorcist 3?

Legion is an extraordinary journey into the uncharted depths of the human mind and the most agonizing questions of the human condition, as well as a novel of breathtaking energy and suspense.

How many exorcist books are there?

( 12 Books ) The Blue Exorcist Book Series

Why was The Exorcist banned?

Despite its more sensationalist moments, the BBFC decided that The Exorcist was suitable for an X certificate to be issued without cuts in the US, where it allegedly caused fainting, vomiting, and heart attacks in theaters.

Do I need to watch The Exorcist 2 before 3?

The Exorcist III is a better film, but it feels like it belongs in a different series u2013 so the decision is ultimately up to the audience. At the end of the day, there are two sequels to The Exorcist, so if you want to see them all, you should watch them in order.

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Is Pazuzu in The Exorcist 3?

Pazuzu does not have a physical manifestation in The Exorcist III, though he does have a few lines of dialogue, which are voiced by Colleen Dewhurst.

Is there an exorcist 2?

Linda Blair, Richard Burton, Louise Fletcher, Max von Sydow, Kitty Winn, Paul Henreid, and James Earl Jones star in Exorcist II: The Heretic, a 1977 American horror film directed by John Boorman and written by William Goodhart, and starring Linda Blair, Richard Burton, Louise Fletcher, Max von Sydow, Kitty Winn, Paul Henreid, and James Earl Jones.

What is the best Exorcist movie?

According to critics, every Exorcist film is ranked.

  1. 82 percent for The Exorcist (1973), 53.5 percent for The Exorcist III (1990), 32.5 percent for Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist (2005), 30 percent for Exorcist: The Beginning (2004), and 27 percent for Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977).

Is Legion connected to the Exorcist?

Legion is a 1983 horror novel by American writer William Peter Blatty, a sequel to The Exorcist, which was adapted into the 1990 film The Exorcist III. Like The Exorcist, it deals with demonic possession and was the subject of a legal battle over its exclusion from The New York Times Best Seller list.

Did Stephen King write Legion?

Legion’s first scene screams Maximum Overdrive, and that’s far from the only similarity; for the uninitiated, that was horror author Stephen King’s first and only foray behind the camera as a director.

How many Legion books are there?

Kindle Edition of Legion (three-book series).

Is Blue Exorcist over?

After the magazine’s closure on February 19, 2015, the series was transferred to Jump Square, where it ended on April 3, 2020. It is also written by Kazue Kato, but with illustrations by Minoru Sasaki.

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Is The Exorcist book better than the movie?

The book. If you’ve seen The Exorcist, it’s nearly impossible not to compare or recall scenes from the movie as you read, but the book is a completely different experience. The story revolves around Father Karras’ struggle with his faith, which is ironically reinforced by the presence of evil.

Is amaimon dead?

Rin’s mind is transferred to Gehenna when Mephisto invites him to dinner. After releasing Amaimon from captivity, the demon king of earth declares that he will not lose again and reveals his heart. With his true power, Amaimon defeats Rin with a single blow, but his mortal body collapses due to the stress.

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