FAQ: What Books Are In The Natchez Burning Trilogy?

Greg Iles’s Novels

Greg Bearman has 16 novels on the New York Times best-seller list; if you want to start with “Natchez Burning,” start with “The Quiet Game.”

What are the three books in the Natchez Burning trilogy?

Natchez Burning, The Bone Tree, and Mississippi Blood are three books by Greg Iles.

What order should I read Natchez Burning trilogy?

Series Penn Cage

  • The Death Factory, 2014 (novella)
  • Natchez Burning, 2012 (part of the Natchez Burning trilogy)
  • The Bone Tree, 2015 (part of the Natchez Burning trilogy)
  • Mississippi Blood, 2017 (part of the Natchez Burning trilogy)

Is there a sequel to Natchez Burning?

A Novel Called The Bone Tree

Is Natchez Burning based on a true story?

Greg Iles sets his thrillers in the antebellum river city of Natchez, Miss. His latest book, Natchez Burning, is based on true stories of racial violence that engulfed the state 50 years ago.

Is Natchez Burning a movie?

Iles and Hudgins executive produce with Material’s Maguire and head of production Matthew Plouffe on Natchez Burning, a Tobey Maguire-produced thriller drama based on bestselling author Greg Iles’ latest novel.

What Greg Iles books are movies?

Penn Cage makes a triumphant return as a brilliant, honorable, and courageous hero after appearing in two of Iles’ most popular novels. Rich with Southern atmosphere and marked by one jaw-dropping plot turn after another, The Devil’s Punchbowl confirms that Greg Iles is America’s master of suspense.

What happened to Greg Iles?

Iles suffered life-threatening injuries, including broken bones and a torn aorta, and spent eight days in a medically induced coma, losing part of his right leg in the process.

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Is Mississippi burning a book?

The Mississippi Burning Case is a short but well-written book that begins by giving the reader a sense of Mississippi before and during the civil rights era.

Who’s the author of Natchez Burning?

Natchez Burning, the first installment in an epic trilogy that interweaves crimes, lies, and secrets past and present in a mesmerizing thriller featuring Southern lawyer and former prosecutor Greg Iles, is the most eagerly anticipated novel yet and his first in five years.

What is the first Penn Cage novel?

The first book in the “Penn Cage” series, “The Quiet Game,” was published in 1999.

How many pages is the bone tree?

Even for fans of Greg Iles’ 788-page “Natchez Burning,” the first book in a trilogy about unsolved civil rights murders set in Natchez, The Bone Tree’s 816 pages are daunting.

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