FAQ: What Are The Books In The Legend Series?

Legend (Lu novel)

Legend is the first book in the Legend series, which includes Prodigy, Champion, and Rebel, and was written by American author Marie Lu in 2011. Lu has stated that her novel was inspired by the film Les Miserables.


Legend is set in a future Los Angeles ruled by the totalitarian Republic of America, and it follows two 15-year-olds, Day (Daniel Altan Wing) and June Iparis. Day is an infamous wanted criminal, born in the Republic’s impoverished slums, who is sentenced to death by Commander Jameson for the murder of Metias. While being moved to a new cell, Day notices evidence that the Republic is in trouble.


June Iparis is a fifteen-year-old prodigy who received a perfect 1500 on her Trial. Her parents were killed in a car accident, and she discovers a conspiracy behind Metias’ death, leading her to betray her country.
Commander Jameson is Metias’ hardcore military commander. She orders Thomas to murder Metias and Day’s mother so June can join her squad. Tess is Day’s partner in crime and caretaker.


Legend has been praised by critics for its “rare-sharp plotting, depth of character, and emotional arc,” with an aggregate rating of 4.1 as of February 2019. The book has been rated 4.2 by 364,960 users on Goodreads as of February 2019.

Film adaptation

In January 2013, MTV reported that Jonathan Levine had dropped out of directing Legend, and producers were working to find a new director. In July 2018, BCDF Pictures acquired the film and television rights, and Joseph Muszynski was hired to write the script.

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Graphic novel

Penguin Group (USA) LLC released a graphic novel adaptation of Legend on April 25, 2015, and another adaptation of the second novel, Prodigy, was set to be released on April 26, 2016. The third and final adaptation of Champion was released on February 25, 2017.

What is the order of the legend book series?

( 4 Books ) Legend Book Series

Is The Legend series a trilogy?

The complete Legend trilogy by Marie Lu: Legend, Prodigy, and Champion, plus Marie Lu’s Life Before Legend, a collection of original short stories that give readers a glimpse into the lives of Day and June before they met.

Is there a sequel to the book legend?

Prodigy is the long-awaited sequel to Legend, THE must-read dystopian thriller novel for all YA readers, and is perfect for fans of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games and Veronica Roth’s Divergent.

Is Legend by Marie Lu appropriate?

The Republic’s authorities are not afraid to punish anyone who gets in their way, and beatings, shootings, torture, and public executions are all depicted, though the bloodiest aspects are not discussed. Characters important to Day and June are killed.

Does Day and June end up together?

They are good friends in the end, and Tess reunites Day and June. They appear to have a friendly mutual feeling for each other in Champion, and they spoke frequently while Day was in a coma. In the epilogue, it is stated that they have dinner frequently, and Tess would share with June how Day was doing in Antarctica.

Who is chain in the book legend?

Chian is a cruel, devious man who enjoys seeing others die and suffer. He is the one who sent Day away to be experimented on, and he even told Metias to kill a little girl who was attempting to flee her Trial.

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Does Thomas like Metias?

Thomas tells June that he really did mean the kiss and confessed that he truly loved Metias and became a soldier to make him proud during Champion Thomas tells June that he really did mean the kiss and confessed that he truly loved Metias and became a soldier to make him proud.

How does legend end?

The final scene depicts a police squad breaking down the door to Reggie’s flat in order to apprehend him for McVitie’s murder, with the closing captions indicating that both brothers were convicted of murder and died five years apart, Ron from a heart attack in 1995 and Reggie from bladder cancer in 2000.

How does Legend by Marie Lu end?

Day and June escape, but John is executed in place of Day, and the Republic reports it as such. In the end, Day and June decide to go to the waterfront together and rescue Eden, then travel into the Colonies to join the fight against the Republic.

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