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Blue book

If notability cannot be demonstrated, the article will most likely be merged, redirected, or deleted. A blue book or bluebook is an almanac, buyer’s guide, or other compilation of statistics and information.

Academia and education

A blue book exam is a type of test that requires students to write an essay into a pamphlet called a “blue book,” which is traditionally blue in color. Blue and Brown Books, the Blue Book of Lecture Notes for Ludwig Wittgenstein lectures from 1933 to 1934.


The Chicago Construction Blue Book, first published in 1913 as a yellow pages-style buyers guide of company information geared toward commercial construction, was retired in 2016 and replaced by a bi-annual regional magazine called Who’s Who in Building and Construction.

Computing and technology

A common name for the book Smalltalk-80: The Language and Its Implementation, and any virtual machine implementation based on the Smalltalk Blue Book protocol, the Blue Book (CD standard) is a set of telecommunications recommendations issued by the International Telecommunication Union Standardisation Sector in 1988.

Government and finance

Successful candidates in the European Commission’s internship program are listed in a Blue Book, which describes the main payment and securities settlement systems in EU Member States. A United Nations publication containing listings relating to Permanent Missions to the United Nations.

United Kingdom

Also known as the “Blue Book” for the 1847 Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of Education in Wales, they include accounts of domestic and national product, income, and expenditure for the United Kingdom.

United States

Various information registers from U.S. state governments: State of Missouri (“Missouri Blue Book”), 1908 Hubbell’s Blue Book, a family and social directory from Toledo, Ohio, 1908 Blue Book (FCC), a nickname for a report on Public Service Responsibility of Broadcast Licensees, 1908 Blue Book (FCC), a nickname for a report on Public Service Responsibility of Broadcast Licensees, 1908 Blue Book (FCC), a nickname for a

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The Aircraft Bluebook Rating Scale (or “Bluebook scale”) is used in the aviation industry to rate the condition of used aircraft. Automobile Blue Book was a route guide for American intercity transportation published between 1901 and 1929.

Other publications

The Bluebook is the most widely used legal citation system in the United States, and the World Health Organization publishes the WHO/IARC Classification of Tumors blue book series in medicine. The Motor Sports Association’s Yearbook contains rules for motor sports run under the MSA.

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Booking is a term used in role-playing games to describe events that take place outside of the player’s home.


The “Blue Book,” also known as the “Blue Book,” is an influential textbook on circuit complexity that is also available for download (PDF) at the Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity. United Nations Protocol and Liaison Service (August 2018). “The Blue Book.”

What is the purpose of a Blue Book?

Blue Books can also help car buyers determine the potential future costs of car ownership, such as fuel, maintenance, repairs, and insurance, by analyzing the private party value, trade-in value, suggested retail value, and certified pre-owned (CPO) value for used cars.

What do you mean by a blue book?

1: a register, especially of socially prominent people. 2: a book of specialized information, often published under government auspices. 3: a blue-covered examination booklet. 4: a periodically issued price list (as for used cars).

Do colleges still use blue books?

Blue books are said to have originated at Butler University in the late 1920s, but references to their use at Yale University in the 1860s have been found, and Yale still uses them today.

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What is a Blue Book Class 11?

Answer: A blue book refers to the types of exams that require students to use these books to complete the test; blue books typically require students to answer open-ended questions or choose from a list of topics, with written responses ranging from a paragraph to an essay-length response.

How many words are in a blue book?

You must be prepared to write substantive and comprehensive ID’s, just as you must be prepared to write essays. A good rule of thumb is to write as much intelligent prose as possible in the time allotted; in practice, this means that you should be able to write a good solid paragraph (say, 200-250 words) that fills one page in your Blue Book.

How is Blue Book value determined?

Kelley Blue Book values are determined by analyzing pricing data, historical trends, current economic conditions, industry developments, time of year, and location, as well as historical trends, current economic conditions, industry developments, time of year, and location. Suggested retail value refers to what dealers are typically asking for a specific used car.

What does Whitebook mean?

: a white-bound official report on government affairs.

When was the blue book written?

Since The Blue Book was first written in 1779, the NCO Corps has undergone many changes.

What is the meaning of auspices?

1: patronage and guidance while conducting research under the auspices of the local historical society. 2: a prophetic sign, particularly a favorable sign. 3: observation by an augur, particularly of the flight and feeding of birds to discover omens.

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What is the blue book Sonja?

Sonja Blue is a living vampire with a soul who is determined to hunt down creatures who prey on the innocent while searching for the vampire lord who created her, having been saved by modern medicine before she could die.

What is the blue book law?

The Bluebook is a style manual published by the editors of the law journals at Columbia University, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University that governs how American legal documents are cited in legal memoranda, court documents, and law journals.

What is a blue book for a city?

A blue book or bluebook is an almanac, buyer’s guide, or other compilation of statistics and information that dates back to the 15th century, when the Parliament of England used large blue velvet-covered books for record-keeping.

How many pages are in a blue book?

A blue book is a book with about 20 lined pages that students in college, graduate school, and occasionally high school use to answer test questions.

What is the Blue Book in pharmacy?

20 Advanced Pharmacy ( BLUE BOOK ) A computer or robot-based drug dispensing system.

Why did the author read the Blue Book?

Why does he read them? Ans: A ‘Blue-book’ is a book that contains government records, which he reads for both professional and financial reasons.

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