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Benefits of Internet Radio for Brands

Share Your Company Values

Communicate globally and let the world know what your brand believes in.

Control Your Marketing

Speak to consumers without middle men. Promote events and offers directly to control your messaging without compromise.

Improve Work Productivity

Boost morale and employee productivity by broadcasting curated music within the company.

Redefine Your Industry Culture

Set the tone in the office, allow employees to express themselves and broadcast company updates.

Should My Brand Start an Online Radio Station?

In recent times it can be difficult to keep up with our evolving culture, and the way the average consumer views brands and experiences their products and services is constantly shifting. For the modern brand, innovation is pivotal to maintain customer loyalty and enthusiasm, all while supporting your employees and rewarding their hard work. Online radio can provide solutions to these issues, both internally and externally.

Boost Employee Productivity

An internal radio station can greatly improve both employee morale and productivity. Studies have shown that listening to music while you work can improve your mood and boost efficiency in completing tasks. Reward your employees with a friendlier, more inviting work environment.

Radio can also effectively broadcast company events, competitions, workplace updates and more across the business, without delays caused by meetings or having to send out specific documents.

Complete Musical Control

Our interface gives you total control over the music you broadcast, so you can tailor the music you play to amplify your employees productivity. Don’t worry about anyone hijacking it to play their favourite playlists, the control is in your hands.

Strengthen Your Connection to the Consumer

People have become tired of the idea of the ‘faceless corporation’ and are increasingly skeptical of businesses. Recently, brands have had to diversify their marketing to succeed, trying to portray themselves as warm, relatable and humorous. Online radio gives you a voice for people to connect and relate to, instilling a human element to your brand that people can trust.

Business Made Easy

Music based brands can easily operate their business with our simple interface. Music distributors, such as vinyl stores, can advertise promotions like ‘pick of the week’ or ‘album of the year’ to keep consumers up to date and interested in your products while maintaining brand consistency.

Case Study: Music For Pets

Music For Pets are using for their members only radio station, which helps cats and dogs overcome their anxiety for happier, healthier lifestyles.

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10 Reasons to Broadcast with

10. The Complete Package

Set up your station in no time at all, plus access to iOS and Android app builders alongside radio players you can embed in any websites you already have.

9. Schedule Shows in Advance

Don’t worry about broadcasting taking time away from work or productivity by using our voice tracking feature to record and schedule shows to be broadcast in advance.

8. World-Class Support

Our customer support team is available to help with any issues you experience. Telephone support is included in the Gold plan, and a named account manager comes with our Pro plan.

7. Difficulty-Free Interface

Our user interface and systems make broadcasting easy, even for people who may have no experience in radio.

6. Promote Brand Events

Direct communication with customers allows you to keep them up to date with any special events your brand is hosting or taking part in.

5. Station Manager Holds Authority

Assign a single station manager to oversee your station, with DJ’s and hosts only being able to present their shows once the station manager has booked them in, avoiding any mistakes that could disrupt your station.

4. Boost Company Morale

Give employees a voice within the workplace and let them build an internal community where they feel valued, enhancing your work culture.

3. Give Your Brand a Voice

Set yourself apart from the hundreds of faceless, impersonal brands in the market. Your station will give your brand a voice that will distinguish it from the crowd and give consumers someone to trust.

2. Collaborate

Strengthen your partnerships with other brands by marketing them through advertisements on your station, and possibly featuring executives and important company figures to give statements and boost PR.

1. Broadcast Across the World

Advertise your brand globally with no hassle. can allow you to expand your reach further than you ever thought possible. Whether you’re an up-and-coming brand or a global corporation, you can expand your brand through online radio.

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